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New FIFEplan – Consultation – Dalgety Bay and Hillend

Further to our response last year on the Main Issues Report, we submit a number of points as follows to be considered as part of the consultation and preparation of the new FIFEplan. The Community Council comments that were made previously to the draft Dunfermline and West Fife Local Plan which can be accessed through the archive of our website dalgetybay.org.uk remain and are reminded or revised here.

1.    Context – comments as previous.
2.    Strategic – comments as previous.
3.    The Community  Council’s Town Centre Framework Study completed October 2011 which includes improved community facilities. This should be incorporated into the new FIFEplan.
4.    Candidate Sites for Development
Site Ref. LDP-DGB001- LAND AT BARNS Farm
Comments as previous but a further public meeting was held on 27 January when there was an unanimous vote from the packed audience to oppose any housing development of this land and to oppose any extension of the town envelope eastwards. This is in addition to the public meeting held on 12 April 2010 when the housing development of the land was opposed. It is also worthwhile to consider that Mossmorran is presently operating at 2/3 of its capacity but feedstock has been assured until the middle of the next decade. However as a supplement to the feedstock, there is the possibility that consideration be given by Exxon/Mobil to import NGL from the US to the Braefoot Bay Terminal. This would be a reversal of the present process and require a reappraisal of the operations and the risks at the marine terminal and recalculation of the hazard contours. If this becomes a possibility it will be another factor to consider against any future extension of the housing eastwards.   
Decision of the CC to oppose the development of housing on these fields.

Site Ref, LDP –DG002 -24, Ridgeway, Hillend Industrial Estate
Site not approved for housing in the Dunfermline and West Fife Local Plan and in the HADIE study carried out last year and reported to the West Fife Area Committee that the site should remain in industrial use. New PAN notice received for 50 residential units and a commercial/business unit.
Decision of the CC The housing proposal has been previously opposed but the new PAN will be considered.

Site Ref. LDP – DG003 –Land at South Pier St. David’s
After decades of planning applications and public inquiries, the appeal by the developer to the Court of Session was successfully challenged last year and the case has now come back to the DPEA. A new reporter will now be appointed to reconsider the case and reach a decision. The greenspace decision in the Dunfermline and West Fife Local Plan has been rescinded
Since the first Master Plan for the St David’s Development was approved in the early 1990’s, the Community Council has always understood that the site was set aside for commercial leisure and retail use and has consistently supported the development of a modest bistro with a maritime connection.
To this effect if necessary, the Community Council will undertake a further community consultation on the future of the site.
Decision of CC – No change to previous responses given for this site

Site Ref. LDP – DG004 – Ridgeway Industrial Estate
CC response already made to Scarborough Muir’s 13/02953/PPP for mixed development of this town gateway site. Outcome of Determination Hearing held in January awaited. HADIE report recommends mixed use development for this site.
Decision of CC – Mixed use development acceptable that would directly complement and support the industrial estates.

Site Ref. LDP – HIL001 Land to North Of Hillend
Scale of this proposal is inappropriate for a small village (50 houses) which will double its size. There is also a lack of services in the village.
Decision of CC – To oppose the use of this site for housing development


5.    Regeneration of Donibristle and Hillend Industrial Estates
The Community Council has been involved in the consultation carried out by consultants appointed by Fife Council to produce an action plan (HADIE) on future planning and report on the business aspects for these industrial estates. The CC supports the outcome of this plan.



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