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Over the past year, the Community Council has been extremely busy dealing a number of major issues that have occupied the Council’s time:

  • Dalgety Bay Foreshore Radiation – The events, reports and correspondence have been placed on our website www.dalgetybay.org.uk to keep the community informed as developments occur and we have received regular reports from SEPA and the MOD on the matter. We have also been given major assistance from the Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP, former prime minister and our local MP to provide political support in dealing with the problem. We are very grateful for this, along with the support of our local MSP and Fife Councillors.

Two public meetings have been held to inform the community on the way the situation is developing since more high radioactive particles were discovered last year. We now have a Final Investigation Plan  that is happening being carried out by the MOD on a voluntary basis and this is programmed to finish in May of next year . What we do not have after this, is their acceptance of full responsibility for remediation works that are necessary to resolve the contamination, but with ensuing conclusive evidence, the pressure is mounting on them, so keep up to date with our website and sign our e-petition for works to be completed by the end of 2013. 

  • As reported in my last annual report, we took the initiative last year to engage a consultant to produce a Town Centre Framework Study. This was produced with public consultation and was jointly funded by ourselves, the Muirdean Community Trust Fund and Fife Council. The results that came out at the end of last year, will be exhibited for further consultation and It is intended that the framework, which provides a vision for the town centre in 2025 to form part of Fife Council’s new local development plan. Our procurement initiative was entered and reached the finals of the Scottish Government Opportunities Awards for procurement innovation or initiative of the year. This was against professional procurement organisations and companies. We have now set up a Steering Group to progress the framework phases in realising the vision.
  • A fresh application has been received from Eadie Cairns to develop the St David’s Harbour arm and due to the lack of determination by Fife Council within the specified period, the applicant has again appealed to the Scottish Government. Our response to the application can be read on the Fife Direct website under the planning application ref 12/00662/FULL.
  • We have also dealt with a planning application to extend and change the old Sports and Social Club into a bar/bistro.

On other matters WE HAVE

  • Since May 2011, grant aided the following organisations and causes to a total of £1660
Dalgety Bay Gala £300
DBHS £411
Inverkeithing High School Prizes £100
Boy Scouts Explorers £200
Air Cadets Planters £  99
Bayside Girls FC £250
Dalgety Bay Brownies £200
Rosyth District Scout Council £100
In addition subscriptions were made to:
The Scottish Rights of Way Association
Children’s competitions in the Diary
Forth Estuary Forum


  • again provided the Christmas Lighting in Regents Way.
  • continued our representation on SEPA’s multi agency “ Dalgety Bay Forum” and the “Dalgety Bay Particles Advisory Group” set up to deal with the contamination problem of a small section the town’s foreshore due to dumping of material 50 – 60 years ago.
  • provided projects to Fife Community Service for Offenders.
  • in “The Beautiful Fife Campaign 2011” we put up hanging baskets of flowers in Regents Way which helped us achieve a silver award for Dalgety Bay and a bronze award for Hillend. It is our expectation to improve on this in 2012 and we are grateful to accept the offer of continued assistance from the Horticultural Society and Air Cadets with hopefully the Rotary Club this year
  • continued to make representations to Scotrail, Fife Council and Stagecoach on changes to rail and bus services
  • we have kept up our links with Ocsa in Hungary with the result of two local artists attending their International Arts Symposium last August.
  • we have continued our membership of the following; Forth Estuary Forum, Mossmorran and Braefoot Bay Liaison Committee and their Independent Air Quality Group, Dunfermline and Coast Association of CC, Muirdean Environmental Trust, Dalgety Bay Police Community Forum and South West Fife Community Safety Panel.

As usual, there have been various other items that have occupied the Council over the past year that are too numerous to mention in this report.

Community Council Membership and Support

Our treasurer has recently resigned from the Council but his service over the past few years is appreciated. Apart from this, we have gained three new members. I again express my annual thanks to those who distribute the “Diary” newspaper, for without these volunteers and the advertising revenue it brings in, there could not be any Community Council grants issued.

I also express my thanks to the voluntary work of Eleanor Rowe, “Diary” editor and to Nicki Mcleod our “Diary Advertising Manager” along with the efforts of Bob Bagnall in maintaining the website for us, for without these people giving up their time to the community we would suffer a great loss.

Thanks must also be given to our Secretary Jeanette Gray for her service along with that given by all members of the Community Council for their time and contribution in the running of the Council. The Fife Councillors are again thanked for their attendance and service over the past year and my condolences are expressed to the late Cllr Herbert’s family and friends on his recent death after a long illness.

Finally, a number of vacancies still exist on our pro- active Community Council by the co-option process and if residents have an interest in the future planning and well being of Dalgety Bay and Hillend they should apply to join us. Community minded people who have fresh ideas are most welcome.

I re-emphasise, this way you can be responsible for shaping and influencing the future of our area for the next generation. Please contact our website if interested.


Colin McPhail MBE

Chairman May 2012




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